The Sixties Soundtrack - 60's Tribute Band

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"Are you ready for a night of singing, dancing and losing yourself ? then you have found the right show"

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About The Sixties Soundtrack - 60's Tribute Band

A mutual love of music, performance and a decade of the best songs ever written made this band a must to create.

"We love the sense of revolution and freedom conjured up by the swinging sixties and do our best to transport our audiences right back there"

From Recording contracts to West End shows, American tours to European festivals, prestigious cruise liners to high end corporate parties, the members in this band have done it all. 

"You better get ready to start dancing in aisles as you experience a show like no other with the sounds and atmosphere of the swinging sixties"

What people say about The Sixties Soundtrack - 60's Tribute Band

What a great band, they made it a perfect night; I couldn't have asked for any better. Thank you" - David Smith – HMS Raleigh